Scan Tools: Ross-Tech VAG-COM VCDS

Ross-Tech VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS)
Ross-Tech VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS)
Canadian Price: $795

Ross-Tech VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS)

A diagnostic tool that rivals what the dealers use for a fraction of the cost. Add VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda to your diagnostic capacity.

VCDS is designed to run on standard Windows PCs. With it you can turn your PC into a OE level diagnostic tool for a fraction of the cost. With features found only in the dealer level factory tools, VCDS surpasses the performance of other aftermarket diagnostic tools and rivals the factory tools for a fraction of their cost. In addition, with VCDS you can profit from repairing VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicles sold worldwide.

Modern cars may have 30 or more diagnostic capable control devices. VCDS logically groups the modules allowing quick access to all of them.

The VCDS is the Top-Rated* Diagnostic Tool VW/Audi Techs Love.

  • Gain full access to all systems in cars from 1990 through the current year
  • Scan for and clear DTCs with over 16000 fault codes decoded into plain text
  • Alter settings normally accessible only to dealerships

Extremely Versatile
VCDS also provides the means to change settings on control modules using its exclusive Long Adaptation function. Adjust numerous operating parameters. Enable options on recent model year cars. Code replacement modules and select options using the Recode Module function.

Using VCDS Long Coding, coding modules and slave modules becomes simple. Know for certain that a suspect part has failed. Test individual systems or components by activating them manually using the Output Test in VCDS. View and Record Live Measuring Block Data VCDS can retrieve and display up to 12 different Live data readings from modules. This data can be logged for later analysis or viewed Live on the included VC-SCOPE or gauges.

VC-SCOPE permits setting of the colours for the trace lines, the grid lines and the background. VC_SCOPE also permits setting of the axis scaling. Save Valuable Code Lookup Time The extensive database in VCDS contains over 16,000 codes with helpful descriptions eliminating the need for you to look up the code. Included with the fault code number is a phrase describing the code and any stored Freeze Frame data.

The Auto Scan feature in VCDS allows it to scan all the controllers in the vehicle to retrieve controller information such as VAG number, Component number, Soft Coding, the Work Shop Code and of course fault codes (DTCs). Modules and faults are easily visible.

Using the Basic Settings feature of VCDS you can:

  • Set Readiness Without Driving the Vehicle
  • Calibrate the Throttle Body
  • Calibrate Kick-Down
  • Calibrate Air Suspension Ride Height
  • Adjust Self-leveling Headlamps
  • Change Rear Brake Pads on cars with the electronic parking brake
  • ...and much more

  • put money in your pocket: shorten your diagnostic time
  • move more vehicles through your shop: the VCDS is faster and easier to use than the factory tool.
  • save valuable time looking up codes: they’re in the VCDS database.
  • increase customer confidence: fix the real failure instead of swapping parts
  • increase your customer base: VCDS enables you to see into the brains of VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda vehicles.
  • increase your shop’s diagnostic capacity: the VCDS works with all modules, not just the emissions-related systems.
Feature Summary
  • All DTCs are Decoded
  • Full Access to All Systems
  • Auto Scan All Controllers
  • Perform Basic Settings
  • Perform Adaptations
  • Code Modules
  • Output Tests
  • One Button Service Reminder Reset

Today's technicians are using the VCDS to increase accuracy and efficiency of their diagnostics. In Canada, the VCDS is distributed and supported by Ron Brown of Auto-Know Inc.

Ross-Tech VAG-COM VCDS Canadian Price: $795
Plus applicable taxes and shipping.

Contact Ron Brown at Auto-Know Inc.
248 Slater Crescent, Oakville, ON, L6K 2C8

(800) 665-8773 Toll free

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